Whooshing Sound From Back Of Car Causes

While a whooshing sound from a turbo or a supercharger can be really entertaining for us, but if the same whooshing sound is emitted from the back of the car while driving, then it can be some problem demanding your attention. Whooshing sound from back of car can be caused due to a variety of reason. It can be a simple air leak or a major bearing failure waiting to happen.

Diagnosing these issues can be a pain but through this article, we will try to understand the whole issue in a simple manner.

What Causes Whooshing Sound From Back Of Car?

There can be a variety of reasons for this to happen in your car as the sound can be emitted from multiple sources. Let us understand why it happens in the following subsections-

1. Exhaust Leak

A car’s exhaust not only channels the exhaust of the engine out in open-air but also has a major job of dampening the sound that is emitted from the car engine through its exhaust. A leaking exhaust can cause a whooshing sound under acceleration and deacceleration and it can easily confuse a motorist. In the case of a turbocharged car, the sound can be of much higher decibel.

2. Air Leaks

A car has a channel of seel around the doors and windows sills, in order to isolate the whole car from the weather elements. If the seal is not proper or has deteriorated due to age and wear and tear, then it will cause a leak to enter the cabin when the car is running at a higher speed. This will give a classic whooshing sound at higher speeds. 

3. Bad wheel Bearings Or Brakes

A car that has warped breaks or bad wheel bearings will emit whooshing sound from back of car. This is a general indication that the brakes or the wheel bearing are nearing its end of the life cycle and need to be attended on an immediate basis as they are very critical for the car’s safety.  

4. Engine Issues

Under the hood, there are a lot of components that can contribute to the whooshing sound while accelerating or de-accelerating. There can be many vacuum leaks or there can be a leak from the intake manifold or there can be a leak from the turbocharger which can cause this issue. Sometimes the engine gets overheated and the entire cooling system comes under tremendous pressure, which then springs a leak which can also cause this sound. 

How Serious Is This Issue?

The seriousness of the issue depends upon the cause of whooshing sound from back of car. If the cause is that wheel bearing or bad breaks or some serious engine issue, then this is a very serious situation and should be attended to at the earliest. It can leave you stranded or can compromise gravely with the safety of the car. But if the issue is only due to air leaks or other leaks, then it is not a serious thing and can be e repaired at convenience. 

How To Fix Whoosing Sound Problem?

The problem is not that difficult to repair and it is a very easy job for a mechanic. Basically, the problem is related to the general wear and tear items and comes under the general service or the car. So it is not expected that it will burn a deep hole in your pocket. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you can also do these jobs at your home very easily. The ways to fix this problem are as follows- 

1. Exhaust Repairs

If you are living in a rust belt state such as California, then it is highly expected that your exhaust might be eaten out by the rust. In such a case, the exhaust can be repaired or replaced. Getting the exhaust repaired from welding is a very easy job and there are tons of exhaust shops that are offering these services.

Also, it is a good chance to upgrade your exhaust to satisfy the enthusiast inside you, but you must also be aware of your local laws. If the exhaust is rusted beyond repairs, then it is recommended that you should replace it with the new one. 

2. Seals Replacement

The weather seals are common wear and tear item and can deteriorate if you are living in an extreme weather condition where temperatures go very high or cold frequently. Replacing the seals and window sills is not a very difficult job and if you you are interested, then you can do it yourself at home.

Even if you want to get them replaced by your mechanics, then it will not cost much. Also other than replacing them, there are several silicone sprays available in the market. This can prolong the life of your seals for a few months. 

3. Engine Repairs

Engine issues such as a vacuum or a manifold leak or a turbo leak can be attended to in a very cost-effective manner. Again they come under general wear and tear and maintaining scheduled and can be easily done at any mechanic shop. But there are some high-end German cars that can have a maze of vacuum lines and manifold and can require up to 12 hours of labor to repair. 

How Much Will It Cost To Repair Sound Leaks?

The problem of whooshing sound from back of car can have multiple causes as they can be emitted by many sources in the car, so this problem does not have a fixed price of getting repaired. In case the problem is bigger such as related to the turbocharger, then it can cost up to 500$. If the exhaust is leaking, then repairing it can cost as low as 50$ to as high as 1000$ if you wish to replace it. The door seals and such things are cheaper and can be repaired within 200$.


In the end, we can conclude that this sound problem does not pose a grave problem but it can be a fair indicator that the problem, especially related to the brakes can become serious and should be attended to in a quick manner. If you still have any doubts, then comment down below. 

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