What Is That Starter Noise During Cranking? How To Fix It?

The starter of the car engine is the most critical component, which basically kicks starts your vehicle. A car starter that is mad and making creaking sounds is not welcomed by the car owners. It could also be an indication of some really big trouble that has been lingering on under the hood. Neglecting them can cost you money and time.

Let us understand what are the causes for starter noise during cranking, and some common solutions for them in this article. 

Causes & Fixes Of Starter Noise During Cranking? 

The common cause for the starter motor to make a grinding sound is the issues related to the drivetrain of the car, including the transmission itself. It can be related to the starter motor itself or some issue related to the drivetrain. Let us understand them one by one-

1. A Failing Starter Motor

Starter Motor is basically a DC motor that drives the engine initially to get it started. Sometimes due to the large flow of current, the motor winding of the starter motor gets burnt and it starts to make a grinding sound when you try to crank your car. Starter Motor in this condition would not work for more than few cycles and it will fail eventually. 

How Can I Fix Starter Motor?

The basic solution for this problem is to get the motor re-binded by a skilled electrician. Sometimes, only the carbon brushes inside the motor are bad and they can be replaced cheaply. If you have an expensive German car, then you have to replace the whole Starter Motor in some cases. You can also get a remanufactured starter motor for common models. 

2. Bad Engine And Transmission Mounts

The engine mounts of the car are responsible for holding the whole weight of the engine and transmission upon the car. They also act as a buffer that absorbs all the vibrations and sounds that the engine emits during the operation. When the engine is started the first time,  it shakes heavily in the place, and the engine mounts health to absorb the extra vibration. If the engine mounts are failing, then they would transmit all the starting vibrations directly into the body creating a sound.

Solutions For Bad Engine Mounts

When the engine mounts have gone dad, you don’t have much choice other than to replace them with a new unit. Since they are made of rubber material for hydraulic based, it is almost impossible to get them repaired or rebuilt. In the case of German cars, you have to sometimes get the whole engine out of the car just to replace the engine mounts. 

3. A Weak Car Battery

Starter noise during cranking can also be caused due to a very weak battery. When we use the starter motor the first time, then it consumes a very large amount of current in excess of 600 amps. The car battery that, as the reservoir frot the starter motor. It provides those juicy amps to the starter Motor.

If the car battery is failing or is week, then it is possible that the starter motor would not be able to crank the engine, and in most cases, it makes a creaking sound due to a weak battery. If you continue to use your starter motor with a weak battery, then it is possible that you might get your Starter Motor burnt. It is wife to get it repaired quickly.

What Are The Options To Deal With Weak Battery?

In case of a weak battery, you can do two things. First, check the health of the battery with an electronic instrument available at battery shops. If the battery is fine, then you can get your battery recharged and you will be good to go. In case the cells inside the battery have died down, then you don’t have much choice other than to replace the car battery. Your car battery can still be in warranty, then it is advised to get it replaced rather than we charged, free of cost. 

4. Failing Bendix Of Starter Motor

A Bendix is a gear inside the starter motor that hep in meshing the starter motor with the engine during cranking. Due to prolonged usage and age the car gathers, it is very common for the Bendix to wear out and start slipping. When the Bendix starts to slip, then you will have a very hard time starting your car, along with crazy sounds. Sometimes, the culprit is the flywheel also. The teeth of the flywheel might have been grounded flat, which discourages the proper engagement of the starter motor.

Options To Deal With A Bad Bendix

In case of a bad Bendix, you can buy those rebuild kits provided by the manufacturers. If not, then you can go with the remanufactured units also. You can pull a spare starter motor from the junkyard if your model is a common one. 

Should I Get My Starter Repaired Immediately?

A simple answer would be yes, The sounds made during cranking can be an indication of a larger problem. Continuing to drive like this can eventually eat up your starter motor. A failing battery can also short your car’s ECM and it can be a really costly affair to fix.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix The Starter Motor?

The problems related to the starter motor are not that hard to fix. You can get a new unit for a fair price range of 200-400$. If you go for a junkyard part or a remanufactured part, then you can cut your cost to half. If engine mounts are the cause of starter noise during cranking, then it can cost you around 500$. A new battery can be held at 50-100$. Repairing of the Bendix and flywheel should be under 300$.


In the end, it can be said that if you are hearing starter noise during cranking, then it is not a big issue and it can be repaired fairly cheap. But you should get it attended to as soon as possible to stop any major issue. If you still have any doubts, then comment down below. 

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