Why Power Locks Keep Locking And Unlocking? [Fixed]

It can be very confusing for a regular car Joe when the vehicle’s doors start to lock and unlock while you are cruising or when the car is parked in the garage. The common question that flashes in mind is, what if the door opens itself? And it can be particularly dangerous if you have children sitting in the backseats, it can start your heart to race.

Manual locking systems will not experience this problem, a manually locked door will remain locked until the key is turned in the reverse direction. Let’s learn why power locks keep locking and unlocking in this article. 

Why Power Locks Keep Locking And Unlocking?

While a modern car offers an opportunity to lock or unlock all doors at once, it can disadvantageous that all doors can get messed up at once. The electrical locking system can also fail while one is driving. Below are some of the reasons and solutions why this could happen-

1. A Faulty Latch Or An Actuator


If some unusual noises are coming from the door card area, it is one of the first symptoms of a problem with the door lock actuator. A power door locks operate by a motor and gears. The gears or motor are could be worn out and eventually fail. It can then cause uncommanded door lock and unlock. It can even prevent the door from opening completely.  

How To Deal With A Faulty Actuator?

The door lock actuator is generally positioned below the latch of the door. It is connected by a rod. In order to repair it, you have to remove the whole assembly by unhooking it. The actuator can be serviced if the motor is jammed. Sometimes the plastic gears break, so in that case, you could plastic weld them, but reliability would not be guaranteed. If the model is common, then you can easily have a second-hand part. 

2. Door Sensor Gone Bad

The reason behind the power locks keeps locking and unlocking problem can be a faulty door sensor. It can cause this problem as they control the whole locking mechanism in modern cars. In complex cars like tesla, which have those fancy gull-wing doors, these sensors can be a real pain. Until they are attended to, the locking system will continue to act up. It poses a major threat to the car’s safety.

Solutions For Bad Door Sensors

If the problem lies with the fact that the sensors have collected dirt and dust, then the problem can be fixed by cleaning them. Make sure that you handle the sensors carefully as they are delicate, especially if the sensor is optically based. If the sensors have gone so far, then they should be replaced with new ones. They are an essential safety feature, so they must be attended to soon. 

3. Weak Key Fob Battery

One of the most common reasons for power locks keep locking and unlocking problem can be a weak key fob battery. These days, the key fob has a lot of electronics going on in them. If they are receiving a weak current, then it will mess up with the programming. when this happens, the key fob can initiate its own commands to the car for lock and unlock. 

What To Do When Key Fob Battery Go Weak?

By replacing the battery in the key fob, the problem is solved. The issue however can be with the key fob itself. In that case, the car dealer will hook the fob to a scanner and make sure that the programming is still good. If there are no signals, the fob will have to be replaced.

4. Car Wiring Issues

The door locks present in the car are electronically controlled. As is the case with many other automotive components having electrical circuits, the door locks run their power through a relay. The relay and wiring are responsible for sending power to the door lock actuators.

When there is an issue with a relay or the wiring, it can cause problems with the door locks. A bad or failing door lock relay will produce symptoms that can alert the driver.

How To Fix wiring Issues?

The problem could be simply a blown fuse. In that case, replace the fuse and it will correct the problem. It is a cheap and easy fix. If the wiring is faulty, then get the wiring checked by a skilled car electrician. Corrosion could also be present on the negative grounds, clean them with a cleaner. Make sure that the wiring is properly insulated after repairing.  

5. Problem With Body Control Module

These days, the BCM or the body control module is like a brain center of the car’s convenient features. If the BCM has gone bad, then it will cause power locks keep locking and unlocking problem, and a whole lot of other issues with the locking and unlocking. Generally, moisture is the number one cause for the BCM going bad.

Options For BCM Repairs

There are many independent shops available these days that specialize in BCM and other electronic components repair. If the damage is minor, then it can be easily repaired. But if the damage is beyond repairs, then you have to replace them. The good news is that you get plenty of second-hand and third-party options in the market.

How Much It Cost To Fix Power Locks?

The problem with the power locks is not that expensive to deal with. The wiring and other electrical-related issues can be repaired for under 100$. If the door actuators have gone bad, then the repair will cost 50$ and a new one will cost 70$. Bad BCM can be repaired within the 300$ range, replacement will cost 500$. A key fob replacement will cost 200$ near about.


If the power locks keep locking and unlocking, then it could be a serious issue and can compromise safety. you should get the issue fixed as soon as possible. Cases are present where the door has even opened itself while driving on a highway, causing a danger to life. If you still have any doubts, then comment down below. 

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