How To Turn On Cruise Control In Tesla Model 3? [Explained]

The Tesla Model 3 is a marvel of contemporary automobile technology, featuring state-of-the-art innovations that improve your driving experience. Cruise control is one such function that makes long journeys more relaxing and pleasurable. Reduce driver fatigue and increase fuel efficiency by using cruise control to maintain a consistent pace without constantly depressing the accelerator.

We’ll unravel the mystery of how to turn on cruise control in Tesla Model 3. You may use cruise control on your Tesla Model 3 by following the instructions in this article. We’ll provide you with clear, detailed instructions so you can drive with confidence, whether you’re a new Model 3 user or just need a refresher. So let’s take your Tesla Model 3 out for a spin and experience hassle-free driving!

Understanding The Cruise Control In The Tesla Model 3

Before learning how to turn on cruise control in Tesla Model 3. Firstly. we’ll see what cruise control stands for in your Tesla Model 3. Your Tesla Model 3 has a convenient feature called cruise control that makes driving simpler. It’s like having a personal assistant in your car. Its function is straightforward: it maintains your car’s speed without requiring regular application of the gas pedal. Consider that Cruise control is your friend when you want to maintain a specific speed on a long, wide road like a freeway.

It takes over the responsibility of maintaining your speed so you can take it easy. The Tesla Model 3 takes it a step further, though. It’s incredibly intelligent and not just standard cruise control! It can even change your speed in response to what is going on around you, such as slowing down if a slower vehicle is in front of you. It seems magical, but in reality, it’s just sophisticated technology that makes your drive safer and more comfortable.

Reasons To Activate The Cruise Control In The Tesla Model 3

Your Tesla Model 3’s cruise control has several benefits that can enhance your driving experience. Let’s examine some of the main arguments in favour of activating this practical function.

1. Unhurried Driving:

The ability to unwind while driving is one of the main benefits of using cruise control. You can allow the car to maintain your pace without continually depressing the gas pedal. Long trips become more comfortable because it’s like having a co-pilot.

2. Continuous Speed:

The cruise control maintains the speed of your car. On highways where you need to travel at a set speed, this is helpful. You won’t unintentionally accelerate or decelerate, which can also help you avoid receiving traffic citations.

3. Lessened Fatigue:

Long trips can be exhausting, particularly if you have to constantly change your speed. By relieving your feet and legs of that burden, cruise control lessens driving fatigue. Like taking a rest without actually stopping, that’s how it seems.

4. Enhancing Fuel Efficiency:

Your car uses less gasoline when you drive at a consistent speed. Gas savings are advantageous for both your money and the environment, and cruise control can help. It’s like being environmentally responsible without having to work harder.

5. Stress Reduction In Traffic Jams:

Cruise control can be your friend, even in slow traffic. You don’t need to keep your foot on the pedal in such stop-and-go situations since it controls your speed. Congestion stress is reduced.

6. Safer Driving:

The cruise control system in a Tesla Model 3 is sophisticated and includes tools like adaptive cruise control. It can modify your speed to keep a safe following distance based on the traffic in the area. On the road, this additional safety could be a game-changer.

7. Simpler Passing:

You can change your cruise control speed when you want to pass a slower car. It’s like ordering your automobile to pick up the pace a little, which makes overtaking easier and safer.

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8. Driving Experience Improvement:

Tesla’s cruise control is enjoyable to operate in addition to being useful. It is similar to driving in the future. Your car can even help you drive, change lanes, and park with Autopilot, improving the enjoyment of your trip.

9. Reduced Risk Of Speeding:

You can avoid unintentionally exceeding the speed limit by using cruise control. The car keeps you exactly where you want to be at the precise speed that you specify. By doing this, you can avoid paying high fines and stay within the law.

10. Convenience:

Last but not least, using cruise control while driving makes it more convenient. It is a convenience that makes life simpler. You can activate it and allow your Tesla Model 3 to relieve some of your workload whether you’re traveling or simply going to work.

Therefore, using cruise control on your Tesla Model 3 has many benefits, including a more leisurely and fuel-efficient journey as well as greater safety and convenience. It’s similar to having a reliable co-pilot who makes travel easier and more fun, whether you’re driving on a wide-open road or negotiating city traffic. So, don’t be reluctant to give it a go and discover these advantages for yourself.

How To Turn On Cruise Control In Tesla Model 3: A Simple Guide!

Your Tesla Model 3 has a great function called cruise control that can make long drives more bearable. It enables you to drive without constantly depressing the accelerator. Here is a quick tutorial for turning on cruise control:

Step 1: Park Your Car

First, ensure that you’re on a route with good markings, usually a highway or freeway. When the route is straight and the lanes are open, cruise control performs best.

Step 2: Examine The Autopilot

To use cruise control on your Tesla Model 3, you must have Autopilot. Autopilot is a standard feature on the majority of more recent Model 3 vehicles. Make sure your car has hardware for Autopilot if it is an earlier model. This can be verified in the settings of your car.

Step 3: Manage Your Speed

To operate the control lever on the right side of the steering column, depress the right stalk. The first and most important step in turning on cruise control is to do this. Your car’s screen will show the speed you choose.

Step 4: Fine-Tune Your Car’s Speed

While cruising, lightly depress the brake pedal to slow down or lightly depress the accelerator pedal to accelerate. Depending on your location, each time you perform this, your speed will change by either 1 mile per hour (1 mph) or 1 kilometre per hour (1 km/h).

Step 5: Consider Autosteer [If Necessary]

You can activate Autosteer to have your Tesla assist with steering while in cruise control. Pull the Autopilot stalk twice quickly toward you to accomplish this. Remember that for safety reasons, you must maintain your grip on the steering wheel even when using Autosteer.

Step 6: Resume Cruise Control

Press the brake pedal a little bit to momentarily stop cruise control. Gently depress the gas pedal or move the Autopilot stalk in your direction to restart. This is useful if you get into traffic or have to temporarily take over driving the vehicle.

Step 7: Deactivate Your Cruise Control

Press up on the right stalk to disable Autopilot and cruise control. Your automobile will switch back to manual mode. If you no longer want your Tesla to maintain your speed and steering, this is crucial.

Therefore, always pay attention and keep your hands on the wheel when using Autosteer or any other Autopilot option. These functions are intended to support you while driving, not to take your place. You can quickly activate and use cruise control in your Tesla Model 3 by following these simple instructions. It’s an excellent feature for making long rides more pleasurable and soothing while assisting in lowering driver tiredness. Therefore, the next time you head out on the open road, try using cruise control and let your Tesla handle the driving while you relax and take it easy.


In your Tesla Model 3, cruise control provides a better and safer way to enjoy long drives thanks to Autopilot. Understanding how to turn on cruise control in Tesla Model 3 and utilize it can make your trips more relaxing and less taxing. You can easily set and alter your cruising pace with the ideal circumstances and a thorough understanding of the controls, letting your Tesla handle the work while you relax and take in the scenery. So, set your preferred speed, engage your cruise control, and then sit back and unwind as your Model 3 handles the rest. A few easy actions will get you on the road safely and smoothly!