How To Stop License Plate Rattle In A Car?

Every time you hit a bump or drive over uneven terrain, does your car’s license plate rattle inconveniently? It can make you insane, and it’s a common issue! The good news is that you don’t have to be an automotive specialist to figure it out. In this post, we’ll provide a clear, concise explanation of how to stop license plate rattle in a car.

When your license plate rattles and creates a loud noise, this is called license plate rattling. It could be brought on by corroded rubber grommets, loosened screws, or even just the regular vibrations you experience while driving. The good news is that you don’t need to visit a mechanic to fix it. We’ll outline the root reasons for this problem and offer straightforward fixes that anyone may implement. So if you’re sick of hearing that obnoxious noise, stay reading to discover how to mute your license plate permanently!

What Are The Benefits Of Using The License Plate?

A license plate, or a small metal or plastic tag on the front and back of your automobile may appear commonplace, but it has several advantages beyond identification. Let’s examine the significance of license plates for automobiles.

1. Avoid The Need For Screws In Between Alphabets/Numbers On The Plate:-

The screw locations on the car body/bumper will always be in the centre of the plate. At times this will come on top of the number, spoiling the plate or ruining the aesthetics. With number plate frames, there will be no need for a screw to hold the number plate on the car body. The frame will be mounted on the car and the frame will ensure the plate stays on firmly.

2. Reduce Vibrations Of The Plate If The Car Has A Bass-Heavy Sound System:-

If you have a Subwoofer in the car, the number plate, especially the number plate mounted on the hatch door will resonate and make noise with music and this is annoying. The use of a number plate frame will prevent this.

3. It Will Give A Small Amount Of Protection For The Number Plate From Small Dents In The Event Of Contact:-

As for the MVD-mandated Safety Rivet, you can Rivet the plate on the top or bottom corners to comply with the norm without spoiling the aesthetics of the plate.

How To Install The License Plate In Car?

Firstly, Create a clean slate by removing your license plate and wiping it clean of any dirt or debris. This is also a great opportunity to wash and wax the area behind your plate.

1. Protect Your Vehicle With Rubber Spacers:-

Peel the paper from the rubber spacers, revealing the adhesive. Align spacers with mounting holes and stick them to the back of the license plate to prevent vibration and protect the vehicle. If your vehicle only allows for 2-hole mounting, insert rubber plate bumpers into the lower holes.

2. Insert Plate Into Frame Using Tabs:-

Insert the bottom edge of the license plate into the frame so the mounting tabs hold the plate in place.

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3. Prepare Hardware Hider Caps:-

Insert stainless steel screws through the hardware hider caps.

4. Put It All Together:-

Align license plate and frame with mounting holes on vehicle. Slowly thread each screw with the hardware hider cap into the vehicle mounting hole in a clockwise direction.

5. Finishing Touches:-

Tighten screws until they are seated and firmed against the frame. Firmly snap all hardware hider caps closed. Remove any fingerprints from the license plate frame using a microfiber towel.

    How to Stop License Plate Rattle In Car?

    Have you ever found the rattling of your license plate while driving to be infuriating? It’s not just you. This article will walk you through a few straightforward, understandable techniques to reduce that annoying license plate rattle.

    Step 1:- Identify The Noise

    The first step is to identify where the noise is coming from. Try turning on the radio and seeing if the noise changes. If it does, then the noise is likely coming from the speakers. If it doesn’t, it is likely coming from the license plate.

    Step 2:- Try Using Foam Padding

    To fix your license plate rattle, put foam padding between the license plate and the car. This is a cheap and quick method of removing the rattle without much work.

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    Step 3:- Adjust The Screws

    Try and adjust the screws on the license plate. This may fix the rattling noise.

    Step 4:- Attach A Piece Of Metal Or Plastic

    Another option is to attach a piece of metal or plastic to the back of the license plate. This will help to prevent the rattling noise.

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    Step 5:- Try Mounting The License Plate

    Finally, you can try mounting the license plate higher up on the car. This will help to keep it from vibrating against the car.

    Step 6:- Adjust Or Replace The Speakers

    If none of these methods work, you may need to adjust or replace your speakers.

    Hence, if you’re wondering how to stop license plate rattle then, these are some steps through which you can easily fix the license plate rattle. If you’ve followed all the steps properly but the issue remains it is recommended to stop your car at the auto care centre.


    In conclusion, it is easy to put an end if you’re wondering how to stop license plate rattle. First, check to see that the fasteners and screws securing the license plate are snug but not too snug. Replace worn-out rubber grommets if your plate utilizes them. To reduce vibrations, you can also use rubber washers, foam cushioning, or anti-rattle clips. Consult a specialist if you’ve tested all of these and the rattling is still there. Remember that eliminating future rattles requires routine maintenance. By following these procedures, you can enjoy a quiet, serene journey without the bothersome license plate rattle — a tiny effort for a significant difference in your driving experience.