How To Reuse Car Decals? [Full Guide]

We, car enthusiasts, keep on changing the looks of our beloved machines from time to time to keep our pride possession fancy and an eye grabber. Car decals are one of the most commonly used accessories, that is used as a cosmetic upgrade of the car. From that patina look to those fancy chrome looks, you can have it all.

Learn how to reuse car decals, if you plan to keep those stock deals and want to use them again in the future. This article has a full guide.  

How To Reuse Car Decals? [Step By Step]

Removing and refusing the car decals can be a very tiring process and you can easily tear them off while removing them. So it is important to know important details as to, here are all the steps-

1. Things To Do While Removing Decals

Most car decals are simply posted to the car with static electricity. To remove these decals, you can use your fingernail to peel off one of the corners of the decal, and gently pull to remove the rest of it. If you plan to reuse your decals, then be careful while peeling and peel them very slowly and cautiously.

This is to avoid tearing them in the removal process. If the decals are stuck with any type of adhesive glue, then you will need to use a plastic tool or a razor blade. A plastic scraper can also be used to remove the decal. Always test a small area first. This is to make sure that the tool will not damage the paint and the decal itself.

2. Paint Care After Decal Removal

This is an extremely important step in how to reuse car decals, you will find some adhesive residue or dusty goo left on the paint surface. You can use a degreasing agent to remove the left-out adhesive off the paint surface. You should also carefully following the instructions that are present on the packaging. In order to prevent damage to the car decal. Simply clean the surface with a normal cleaner if there is no residue left behind.

3. Storage Procedure

On the off chance that you intend to reuse your decals later, store them someplace where they won’t get filthy. The decals can accumulate residue or grime. In that case,  they won’t stick to your car surface subsequent time. You can wrap them around in a non-adhesive plastic sheet to keep them from collecting dust. 

Procedure To Reapply Decals

It is very important that you follow these steps for a successful re-application of the car decals. Failure of doing so may end up the decal getting damaged, or a wrinkled install. Here are the main steps-

1. Make The Surface Clean

Pre-wash the paint region where you’ll apply the decal. You can do so by utilizing either cleanser and water or a combination of cleaning alcohol (70% isopropyl liquor) and water. We suggest a 50/50 water/liquor arrangement. In the wake of cleaning with lathery water, rinse completely with water until no soap or buildup remains.

Try not to utilize window cleaning items as they can be harsh. They may make the surface more sloppy, making your sticker stick less adequately.

2. Take Care Of Temperature

For the best outcomes, make sure that your stickers are kept in a concealed region away from direct daylight before application. Whenever the situation allows, you ought to apply the decals when the temperature is above 50F and below 90F. If you are working in a colder region, then you can use a room heater to bring the temperature up. Temperature is very important when it comes to applying decals, as they can wrinkle very easily. 

3. Always Use A Masking Tape

Covering tape can guarantee that your sticker is situated precisely where you need it. Leave the white tape paper and set it up, confronting the surface you’re applying it to.

Then position the sticker where you need it to go. Make sure a piece of concealing tape is there along the top edge of the sticker. After this, fix it in the appropriate area. Masking tape will ensure that the sticker is placed in the right spot and the paint surface is not damaged. 

4. Wet The Surface Before Application

When learning how to reuse car decals, this is a very important step. For extremely huge stickers, this method is a lifeline. In the wake of cleaning your surface region, wet the region again utilizing a spray bottle and in a ratio of about 5% cleanser/95% water. Apply the sticker while the region is as yet wet.

This will hold it back from following quickly and give you an opportunity to reposition if essential. It additionally empowers you to eliminate any air pockets utilizing a wiper or a plastic card. The foamy water will dry in no time and leaving your sticker immovable.

5. Use Hot Air Gun

As the decals have adhesive behind them, they will stick more effectively when you lightly warm the paint surface of the car before applying the car decal. Be very careful that you do not go overboard with the hot air gun. Too much heat will cause wrinkles and may even melt the car decal if you were not careful enough. Gently blow hot air along the surface while applying the decal. 

How Much It Cost For A Decal Job?

It does not cost too much for removing and reapplication of the car decals. Most of the job is easy and can be done by yourself at home, saving you some money. All you need is some basic household cleaning supplies like Cleaners, to do the job. Most of them can be had under 20$ mark, chances are that you already have them at home.

If you want to get the job done by a professional detailer, then that will cost you a significant amount as compared to the job done by yourself. It can cost up to 500$ if you wish top dollar job.


It can be concluded that the answer to the question of how to reuse car decals is simple. You can easily remove your car decals for the purpose of refusing them, provided that you follow all the steps provided in the article. If you still have any doubts, then comment down below.

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