How To Remove A Bolt With Stripped Threads In Your Car?

A bolt in your car may have stripped threads, which can be very annoying. It occurs when the bolt’s grooves or the threads inside the hole are broken, making the bolt extremely difficult to remove. There are many potential causes for this issue. It’s possible that you used the incorrect tools or that you turned the bolt too hard while tightening it. Rust and corrosion can also clog those threads over time. Threads can become stripped occasionally if the bolt is not exactly centred in the hole.

But don’t worry, you can resolve this issue without becoming an expert in cars. We’re here to offer you some straightforward advice on how to remove a bolt with stripped threads in your car. You may safely remove the bothersome bolt and resume maintaining the condition of your car by using simple tools and techniques. Now let’s get started on these simple fixes to get you back on the road!

What Is A Bolt With The Stripped Threads In A Car?

When a bolt’s spirals or grooves are destroyed, it becomes difficult to tighten or loosen the bolt, resulting in stripped threads in your automobile. Consider these threads as a screw’s ridges. When they’re in good condition, they latch onto other components of your vehicle and keep everything together. However, if they wear away, it will be difficult to spin a screw without the ridges.

Imagine that your hands are slipping as you attempt to screw in a lightbulb because all of the edges are slick. When threads are stripped, it feels like that. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as beginning the bolt at an odd angle, rust or corrosion, utilizing the wrong or improperly fitting tools, or rotating the bolt too forcefully. Repairing a car can be more difficult when there are stripped threads. Therefore, it’s essential to comprehend what triggers them as well as how to handle this problem when it arises.

Common Causes Of The Stripped Threads In Bolts On Your Car

Before we delve into how to remove a bolt with stripped threads in a car. Firstly, we’ll see some common causes in detail. When you’re working on your car, tripped threads on a bolt can be a major pain. However, the first step to stopping it and learning how to solve it is realizing what causes this issue. Let’s summarise the common reasons for stripped threads in plain English.

1. Over-Tightening:

You might believe that “the tighter, the better” when tightening a bolt. However, that isn’t always accurate. You run the risk of breaking the threads if you twist the bolt too quickly or with excessive force. It can be challenging to undo if the bolt’s grooves get compressed or flattened.

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2. Using Inappropriate Equipment:

Having the appropriate equipment for the work is crucial. It may slip and slide if you use a wrench or socket that is too small for the bolt. When that occurs, the bolt may become stripped as a result of the threads being worn down.

3. Deflection:

Bolts and the holes they fit into can corrode or rust with time. The threads get weaker as rust eats away at them. When attempting to remove the bolt, weaker threads are more prone to strip.

4. Cross-Threading:

Sometimes, if you’re not paying careful attention or are in a rush, you may inadvertently start the bolt at an odd angle. You’re in trouble if the threads don’t line up exactly. Cross-threading is a condition in which the threads become tangled when the bolt is forced in.

Therefore, you may work on your car more carefully now that you know what causes stripped threads. Make sure you have the proper tools, don’t overtighten, and watch out for cross-threading and corrosion. You’ll save a ton of headaches and aggravation later on if you do this.

How To Remove A Bolt With Stripped Threads In Your Car?

Although it may seem difficult, you can remove a bolt with stripped threads from an automobile by following the proper procedures. We refer to worn-out or damaged bolt threads as “stripped threads.” This may occur as a result of rust, overtightening, improper tool use, or inserting the bolt at an incorrect angle.

In simple words, here’s how to extract a bolt with stripped threads:

Tools you may require:

  • Vice grips or pliers
  • A welding machine (assuming you know how to weld)
  • A set of tap-and-die
  • An extractor of threads
  • Two flathead screwdrivers and a hacksaw
  • oil that penetrates (like WD-40)
  • A mallet

1. Vice Grips Or Pliers:

  • Take hold of the stripped bolt using pliers or vice grips.
  • Rotate counterclockwise (loosely left) and apply equal pressure.
  • To aid in turning out the bolt, the grips should grab onto the damaged areas.

2. Method Of Welding (For Proficient Welders):

  • A little nut should be welded to the removed bolt.
  • Once the nut is firmly fastened, turn it counterclockwise with a wrench to release the bolt.

3. Press And Release:

  • Select the tap and die set that corresponds to the bolt size.
  • Turn the stripped bolt counterclockwise after attaching the die to it.
  • The die will help remove the bolt by gripping the broken threads.

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4. Removal Of Threads:

  • These are specialized tools designed for this task.
  • On the stripped bolt, drill a little hole in the middle.
  • Pulling the bolt out requires inserting the thread extractor and rotating it counterclockwise.

5. Slot Cutting:

  • Utilizing a hacksaw, carefully cut a straight notch into the bolt’s head.
  • Revers the bolt by using a flathead screwdriver.

6. Intrinsic Petroleum:

  • The stripped bolt should be covered with penetrating oil (such as WD-40).
  • If you want to loosen the threads, let it sit for a few hours or overnight.
  • Next, spin the bolt counterclockwise using a wrench or pliers.

7. Use A Hammer To Tap:

  • Use a hammer to gently tap the bolt in a counterclockwise motion.
  • Perhaps the vibrations will aid in freeing the threads.

How to Remove a Stubborn Nut/Bolt : 15 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Recall to exercise caution and patience. Getting the bolt out may require multiple attempts. Additionally, choose the approach that works best for you and your circumstances. You can tackle that stripped bolt and get your automobile back in shape with these easy steps.


Although dealing with a stripped bolt on your car can be somewhat difficult, you can solve the issue on your own if you have the necessary equipment and know-how. Always remember to proceed cautiously and patiently, and select a course of action based on your level of experience and the bolt’s state. Using locking pliers, a tap and die set, or any other technique described here, you should have no trouble unscrewing that tough stripped bolt and returning to driving like a pro.

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