How To Open Glove Box In Tesla Model 3: A Comprehensive Guide!

Your Tesla Model 3’s glove box is akin to a hidden treasure chest, but if you don’t know how to open it, it may prove challenging. A little compartment in the dashboard of your automobile called the glove box is a convenient spot to store valuables like your car’s owner manual, registration documents, or even your favorite pair of sunglasses.

The hitch is that the Tesla Model 3 is a bit more futuristic than conventional automobiles with glove compartments that feature handles or buttons. Although it maintains everything slick and tidy, which is fantastic, it might be challenging for brand-new owners. There are no obvious signals or knobs to access it.

But don’t worry! We’ll unravel this mystery in detail. This article will show you how to open glove box in Tesla Model 3 in a few easy steps. We’ll have you opening it like a pro in no time; it’s simpler than you would think!

What Is A Glove Box In A Car?

A car’s glove box resembles a buried treasure chest because it is constructed into the dashboard like a concealed chamber. Normally, there is a little storage compartment in front of the front passenger seat. It can be used to keep crucial items nearby while you’re driving. Think of it as a safe place to keep important documents like insurance documents. As well as even a treasured pair of sunglasses.

The glove box is conveniently located in the front of the car for simple access, in contrast to the trunk, which is in the back and typically quite large. The hinged door on most glove boxes can be opened and shut exactly like a conventional door. It’s a practical spot to keep your belongings safe and organized. Additionally, while you’re driving so you won’t have to search through your car for what you need.

Common Causes Of Confusion To Open A Glove Box In Your Tesla Model 3

Some people may find it difficult to open the glove box in a Tesla Model 3 because it is different from the typical glove box you could find in other automobiles. This can be confusing for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below.

1. Minimalist Architecture:

The Tesla Model 3 has fewer buttons and knobs, making it look sleek and contemporary. The glove compartment also adheres to this design principle. It can be challenging to figure out how to open the glove box lid because there is no evident latch or handle.

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2. Covert Mechanism:

The Model 3 doesn’t have a typical physical latch or button to open the glove box, unlike conventional automobiles. Instead, it makes use of a touch-sensitive mechanism that is concealed. People who are unaware of how it operates may find this concealed mechanism to be perplexing.

3. Non-Traditional Method:

In a Model 3, opening the glove box requires more effort than just twisting a handle or pressing a button. The touchscreen in the automobile must be used. This strategy can cause confusion because it differs from the way many people are used to doing things.

4. Safety Precautions:

For security purposes, some Model 3 variations demand an additional step. The touchscreen may ask you to confirm your identity before the glove box opens. While this is fantastic for keeping your belongings secure, it might add an additional level of difficulty for novice users.

5. Lack Of Visual Cues:

The glove box handle or button is typically easy to see in autos. There are no external warnings on the glove box itself in the Model 3. To locate and open the glove box, you must use the touchscreen in the automobile.

Therefore, opening the glove box in a Tesla Model 3 may seem like a puzzle when all of these aspects are taken into account. But relax; once you figure it out, the procedure is simple. You can easily access your glove box by following the detailed instructions we’ll give you.

How To Open Glove Box In Tesla Model 3?

At first glance, opening the glove box in a Tesla Model 3 could appear a little challenging, but if you know the steps, it’s really pretty easy. We’ll walk you through opening the glove compartment on your Model 3 in this simple guide:

Step 1: Start The Vehicle

Make sure your Tesla Model 3 is turned on before you do anything. Just have the car going; you don’t need to be driving. The touchscreen display in the middle of your dashboard will be active if it is on.

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Step 2: Discover The Glove Box

On the passenger side of the dashboard of a Tesla Model 3, you’ll find the glove box. It looks like a tiny storage container and is typically located directly in front of the front passenger seat. You can’t avoid it!

Step 3: Touch The “Glove Box” Icon

Check out the touchscreen now. In the upper menu, there is a tiny glove box icon. It appears to be a straightforward box icon. Toggle your finger over this icon.

Step 4: Authenticate [If Necessary]

You might be required to provide ownership documentation in order to open the glove box in some Model 3 variants. It is as an added layer of security. To accomplish this stage, simply adhere to the on-screen directions. A code or your phone may be needed to complete the task.

Step 5: Watch The Glove Box Open

The magic happens once you’ve completed the earlier tasks! The door will swing open on its own, and the glove box will unlock. Nothing needs to be pulled or pushed; everything is automatic.

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Step 6: Utilize The Glove Box

You can now use your glove box however you like. Put your sunglasses, essential papers, or anything else you want to keep close to hand right there. It’s a useful little location.

Step 7: Lock The Glove Box

All you have to do to close the glove box is to gently press the door. Your items will be safe since it will latch back into place securely.

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Therefore, you can now use the glove box in your Tesla Model 3 after successfully opening it. Despite the fact that you can open the glove box while the car is still running, always remember to switch it off after you’re done. Both energy and safety are improved by doing this. Additionally, avoid putting anything particularly heavy in the glove box because it wasn’t made to hold that much weight. Enjoy storing items in your glove box for quick and easy access as you drive your wonderful Tesla Model 3!

Additional Tips For Glove Box Usage In Your Tesla Model 3

Although using the glove box in your Tesla Model 3 is quite practical, there are a few tricks to get the most out of it. You should keep in mind the following:

1. Gather Your Vital Documents:

Important papers like your car’s registration, insurance paperwork, and your owner’s manual are ideal for keeping in your glove box. When you need them, say at a traffic stop or if you’re in an accident, keeping these documents in one location makes finding them simple.

2. Sunglasses And Miniatures:

Need a place to put your phone charger, sunglasses, or other small items? A great place to store them is in your glove box. It keeps them from clogging up your car’s interior and makes it easier for you to find them when you need them.

3. Keep Your Load Light:

Although the glove box is useful, heavy objects cannot be stored in it. Things like huge, hefty objects or heavy tools should be kept out. Its mechanism may be impacted and may have issues if it is overloaded.

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4. Keep It Orderly:

Maintain order and cleanliness in your glove box on a regular basis. In doing so, you’ll be able to quickly find what you need and keep the area from degenerating into a cluttered storage space.

5. Make Use Of USB Ports:

If the glove compartment of your Model 3 contains USB connections, you might want to use them to charge your gadgets. It’s a covert and practical technique to maintain electricity for your technology.

6. Conclude:

Before you get in the car, close the glove box tightly after using it. This stops things from spilling out while you’re driving.

7. Secure Your Valuables:

The glove box is a convenient spot to store some items, but it is not a safe deposit box. Keep really valuable goods out of it because it isn’t as secure as a safe.

8. Protecting Kids:

Think twice about what you keep in the glove box if you have children. Avoid using anything that could be unsafe or appealing to children, and keep it kid-friendly.

9. First Aid Supplies:

Additionally, you can keep some emergency supplies in the glove box, such as a first aid kit or a flashlight. It’s a good idea to be ready for unforeseen circumstances.

10. Energy Conservation:

Even if you’re simply opening the glove box, turn off your automobile while you’re not using it. This promotes energy conservation and is a smart technique for electric vehicles.

Therefore, the glove box of your Tesla Model 3 is a useful storage area. Use it sensibly, keeping your tiny objects and critical documents well-organized. Just be mindful not to overfill it and watch what you store. By using these suggestions, you may maximize the space in your glove box and maintain a tidy, functional interior for your vehicle.


It might initially seem difficult to open the glove box in your Tesla Model 3, but it’s actually fairly simple. Once the car is running, simply tap the glove box icon to unlock it on the touchscreen. Follow the directions on-screen to authenticate if necessary. When it’s open, you can keep your belongings or retrieve crucial documents. Just push the door shut to close it. Just keep in mind that it’s a smart feature made to keep your belongings secure and accessible while you drive, making the experience more convenient.