How To Make Your Car Louder? [Full Guide]

There are several reasons why people make their cars to be louder, especially their teens. It gives them that thrill, and that to show off factor. It can also provide a slight performance increases along with that attention for which they die. Though every possible reason for a human to enjoy a loud vehicle cannot be accounted for, but these seem to be the most common reasons.

But how to make your car louder? There are tons of options in the market which you can use, however, there are common ways which you can use. In this article, we will learn about them. 

Learn About The Legal Consequences Before Making Your Car Louder

If the modifications such as exhaust are too loud you, then you are going to get a ticket. It’s plain and simple, no matter how you make it louder. Besides many people do things to their car that have absolutely no performance value. On the other hand, most of the vehicles have exhaust systems that are so complicated, that most of the modifications to the exhaust system actually results in a loss of horsepower.

How To Make Your Car Louder? [Common Options]

You can typically remove the sound dampening components, which are present in the exhaust system of your car. This includes the catalytic converter, exhaust muffler, and resonator. Additionally, a banging stereo system can also be used. Let us learn about them in detail-

1. Remove Sound Deadening Parts Of Exhaust

The power and sound of a loud revving car can be intoxicating. To increase this sweet noise, you need to remove the mufflers and resonators from the exhaust system. The silencer is basically a lego style unit that fits into your tailpipe. You should be able to see and remove it very easily. Also, the catalytic converter can be removed to allow for those cracks and pops!

2. Straight Piped Exhaust!

When it comes to how to make your car louder, straight piping your car is a definite way to make it louder. By remove everything in your exhaust system, you can make it one straight pipe. The goal is to have a less restrictive exhaust which could also add to the performance gain as well. Many different kits are available for different vehicles for straight piping.

You can also buy some stainless steel pipes with different pieces in as well, this is the cheapest method to make your car the loudest. For many, it can be too loud. It can greatly improve the performance of a nonturbo car.

3. Install A Specialised Exhaust Kit

This is the best option to go for making your car louder. There are many professional kits out there that offer a nice balance of deep bassy sound without going too loud. This will help out in terms of installation as well as they are custom-built for each car. All of your exhaust tubings are pre-bent, which will align much easier.

They also come with the hangers through which, you need to mount the exhaust up correctly. These exhaust kits can come in different styles and sizes. They might come with a catalytic converter and resonator, making it legal. They also have remotely operated flaps these days, to make cars quite on demand.

4. Performance Engine Map

The ECU in your car controls the combustion cycle, including the timing of the spark plug ignition timing and how much fuel is injected at any given point. It also controls a host of other things. By altering these parameters, we refer it to as engine mapping. Pops and bangs can be achieved through many different methods of engine mapping.

The main altering is done to the timing of the car’s ignition map. Pops and bangs are generated through explosions echoes in the exhaust. This is done by raw fuel touching the hot exhaust before exploding. The explosion happening earlier in the system and reverberating through the exhaust. This can be achieved through an engine remap.

5. Having A loud Sound System

The car can be a great place to enjoy music and a good answer to how to make your car louder. Sophisticated sound systems can be used in a car, to reach its full potential of loudness. A big difference in your car audio system’s sound loudness and quality can be had by installing a nice set of aftermarket speakers. Make sure that you use proper sound dampening. 

You can also experiment with having multiple setups of amplifiers with many channel options. Be careful about the wiring load of the car.

Common Precautions Before Having A Loud Car

The main thing to be kept in mind will be to have a hybrid system like a Bluetooth-controlled exhaust system, which can be diverted back when driving normally in the city limits. It will prevent those expensive tickets. Also when doing any modification with the engine, do not go too crazy with the modifications as it may lead to a premature engine failure.

Last but not the least, be careful about your surroundings and drive safely, a loud car can be an invitation to a serious road accident. There also have been many cases of expensive sports cars like the Lamborghini getting fire due to improper exhaust modifications.

How Much Will It Cost To Make Car Louder?

The sound affair can be an expensive game to play. Though there are cheaper options like straight pipes, which can be had under 500$. If you are going in for those specialty exhaust kits, then be prepared to shell anything between 500-1200$. A good ECU remap can also be expensive, they generally cost upwards of 700$. Doing mods with a music system is also expensive at 800$.


Though there is nothing wrong with making the car louder and more attractive, it is very important that you do it the right way. With these modifications, you can easily have major engine troubles along with legal troubles. When learning about how to make your car louder, always rely on a reliable source. If you still have any doubts then comment down below.

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