How To Clean Car Speaker Holes?

Having a music stereo in your vehicle is clearly engaging, particularly when you have incredible speakers. In the event that your vehicle speakers are the original ones, they ought to have dirt accumulation in them. Vehicle speakers have extraordinary covers, utilized to protect the main speaker units, and they can get clogged.

Clogged speakers can compromise the quality of the system, so learn how to clean car speaker holes in a safe and easy manner, without any damage in this article.

Why Speaker Holes Get Clogged?

Speakers can get clogged up with dust, dead skin cells, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It can cause diminishing nature of playback making it harder to hear. The main reasons for getting them clogged are as follows-

1. Dirty Car

Sadly, some of the car owners tolerate road grime, dirt, and littered cabins. They can not only be embarrassing but a health factor too. In truth, however, many common messes found in or on cars can lead to speaker grills getting clogged. The dirt and grim can eventually found their way into the speaker.

2. Issues With Car Ac 

Your A/C evaporator is the source of the dust if the filtration is not proper or the outside air is coming in. in this case, the dirt or dust will eventually sit on the car speaker grill and with the passage of time, it will get clogged. The common solution is to change the ac filter or get the fresh air vent of the ac fixed. 

3. Old Age Of The Plastic

A few times the plastics are blended with different materials with plastic-like paints. Collaborate with them to form a material that has a brilliant texture, but they feel tacky when aged. After a little exploration, it appears to be that some plastic things may have a type of covering that separates over the long haul, and it can clog the whole speaker grill.

How To Clean Car Speaker Holes?

Speaker grills are utilized for covering the speaker cones to insure them against damage and residue that may harm the cones. Grills are typically made of various materials. The most well-known are fine texture, plastic, and metal. Those made of metallic material are regularly punctured in a spot, checkerboard, or even waffle-like. Here are the common ways to clean them-

1. The Supplies And Equipment You’ll Need

Before you start, ensure you have all the necessary supplies and equipment needed for cleaning the grills. These items are easy to find, and you may already have them at home. If not, you can get them from a local store. They include screwdrivers, a vacuum cleaner, mild detergent, warm water, and a microfiber cloth.

2. Removing Speaker Grills

The following thing to do is to remove the grill from your vehicle speakers. Obviously, you need to make sure the speakers are not attached with wiring. Disengage the speaker link from your sound system or amp. Also, make sure that the system is turned off. Be sure that you are gentle with the removal process as the speaker can be easily damaged.

In some cases, the grills, especially fabric ones, are typically attached to a grill frame. They come off quite easily by just tugging them gently.

3. Cleaning Fabric Car Speaker Grills

Now that everything is removed, it is time to start cleaning it. Lie the grill on its frame on a clean and dry surface. If cleaning a fabric grill, then take a vacuum hose to clean it. Use it to suck dust from the fabric. Using a finger-over brush will assist in preventing a powerful vacuum from pulling and stretching a fragile cover. Use a dry cleaning spray to clean the fabric.

4. Cleaning Plastic or Metallic Speaker Grills

In the event that your vehicle speaker has a plastic or metallic grills, then it is important to follow this step while learning how to clean car speaker holes. Use a microfiber material to do the cleaning. A gentle cleanser to clean the speaker cover. Flush it with plain water afterward. Utilize a towel to dry it quicker. Be cautious when dealing with plastic grills as not to twist them without any problem. 

5. Cleaning Non-Removable Speaker Grills

If the grill is non-removable, clean it using a lint roller first. You may also use compressed air. Avoid using a rag as it can push dirt further into the speaker grills, making it more challenging to clean. You can vacuum it too, but ensure it has an upholstery attachment. Do not use wet cleaning for non-removable grills, in order to prevent any water from seeping into the speaker.

How To Prevent Car Speaker Grill From Getting Clogged

The simplest way is to make sure that you keep them clean. By cleaning your speaker grills regularly, they will last longer. Cleaning them also reduces the dust from getting further into the speaker, preventing the damage Moreover, clean grills allow speakers to sound much better.

Be careful when cleaning grills, check the user manual for further guidelines or else seek professional assistance. Also, make sure to keep your car clean and free of mess. This is an important step in how to clean car speaker holes.

How Much Is The Cost Of Cleaning Speaker Grills?

The whole process can be done in a very cheap manner if you have the ability to do the job. In that case, all you need is some essential cleaning supplies and some basic tools, these can be easily found at home. If you are capable, then you can do the whole job for under 50$ mark.

In case you need professional help, then a good professional detailer will charge you upwards of 200$ and can stretch to 500$ for high-end cars. You can easily prevent such costs by following cleaning habits. 


It turns out that cleaning those speaker grills is not that of a difficult job. You can easily learn how to clean car speaker holes from our simple article. Make sure that you are gentle while cleaning as these delicate parts can easily get damaged. If you have any further doubt, then feel free to comment below. 

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