My Car Wobbles When Driving Slow? [4 Effective Solutions]

Every car owner expects his car to ride like a dream, a good high quality is very important to enjoying the driving experience. But sometimes, the car can produce an annoying wobble while driving and it can prove to be really dangerous because you can lose control of the car. As the car has many components in the suspension system, there are many factors that can cause the car to wobble while driving. Some of them are serious in nature and some of them are just maintenance items.

In this article, we will learn about the causes and solutions for the car wobbles when driving slow.

Why Car Wobbles When Driving Slow?

The ride quality of a car depends on the suspension system and it is very important that the components related to suspension are in perfect condition and are maintained according to the schedule. Here are top reasons that cause car wobbles when driving slow-

1. Car Alignment Gone Wrong

It is very important that the car’s alignment is maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications and at the required interval. If the alignment is not maintained or the car has had some hit while driving, then the car’s alignment will go out of specifications and it will lead to car jerks when going slow problem.

The car will not be able to track straight and it is highly likely, that you can easily lose control over the car. Bad alignment can also eat up tires and can cause them to wear in an uneven pattern.

2. Worn Out Tyres

Worn-out tires can also lead to the problem of wobbling while driving slow. In order to ensure a smooth ride, it is important that the tire maintains its circular shape. But due to a hard hit or age of the tire, it can become oval and out of shape. A bent or oval-shaped tire will not ride smoothly and will contribute to the wobble problem of the car.

3. Suspension System Needing Attention

A worn-out suspension can also lead to this problem while driving slow. The car has many suspension components and they need to be changed at the required interval. If the bushings inside suspension components have torn or worn out, then that suspension component will not be able to work properly and as a result, it will lead to wobbling.

4. Disk brakes Warped Due To Heat

The disc brake of the car also has to maintain a proper circular shape, same as the tires, but it can so happen that during extreme temperature cycles, the surface of the disk can get warped. It can cause the disk to lose its proper shape and when you apply the brake, it will lead to wobbling. This situation is also dangerous because it can cause the car to pull to either left or right while braking and you can easily lose control of a car.

What To Do If My Car Shakes When Driving Slow?

The problem of a car wobbling at a slow speed can be fixed by a mechanic very easily. Here are some top solutions for the problem-

1. Get A Fresh Set Of Tyres

In order to ensure that the car runs smoothly, it is important that tires are in proper condition. If the tires have worn out or are out of shape due to age or hard hit, then it recommends the tires be replaced with a new set.

Age is the biggest enemy of the tire and when they have expired, it is general advice that you should change them as soon as possible. Also, it must be kept in mind that you should go for a mixed blend of the tire which is neither too soft nor too hard in order to ensure your a long life.

2. Check Alignment Of The Car

Get your car aligned at the regular intervals set by the manufacturer. Generally After 5000 miles, or if you are living in an area where roads are very poor, then at around 2500 miles, you should get your car alignment checked. If they have gone out of the specification, then you should get it corrected. A proper alignment is very necessary to ensure that driver has proper control.

3. Suspension Replacement

If any suspension components such as tie and rod, struts, or the ball joint are not in a good shape or the bushings are cut, the owner should add new components.  Not only that will lead to the problem of car wobbles when driving slow, but it will also be very dangerous as it can interfere with the control and balance of the car.

4. All around Brake Job

The car owner would service the braking system of the car at regular intervals. High heat cycles can damage the surface of the brakes. It can cause death wobble too. This is also a high-risk item. It is one of the most important components of the car, ensuring the car’s safety. 

How Serious is The Issue Of Car Wobble?

Depending on the reason behind the cause of the wobble, it can be life-threatening or a minor inconvenience. Any problem with the braking system or the suspension system is a major one. These components are very critical. They can become a question of life and death in a jiffy.  Let a properly trained mechanic look after them.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix Car Wobbles?

The whole suspension service can cost up to 200$ for a high-end car and 500$ for a common comutter car. A brake job can cost up to 400$. A new set of tires can cost up to 500$. Lastly, a simple alignment job costs around 100$.


The car wobble problem can be a hint towards a much bigger problem and it is important that you should attend to it in a top priority manner. The car owner should look after these issues as soon as possible. If you still have any doubts, then feel free to comment.  

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