Why My Car Rattles When Turning On?

A noisy engine in a modern car is always welcomed by its owner. The first thing in the morning and the owner expect is that his car will run smoothly, but when he is greeted by a rattling engine on the first start itself, then it can be a very frustrating experience for him. It turns out it is not a very complex issue and can be fixed by following simple steps.

These kinds of issues are mostly due to components such as the engine mounts failing or not in a prime condition. So if your car rattles when turning on, In this article, we will learn how to fix this issue. 

What Are The Causes of Car Rattles When Turning On?

An engine rattling while turning on can be caused due to a variety of factors. This can be understood in the following points- 

1. Poor Engine Mounts

The car’s engine mount is like a muscle power for the engine as it supports the whole weight of the engine on the car. It is very crucial that the engine mount is in proper and prime condition in order that it can support the engine. If the engine mounts have failed or its hydraulic fluid has a leak then it is highly likely that it will not be able to dampen the engine load properly on the car’s chassis. It will lead to a shaky start of the engine. 

2. Engine Misfire

If the engine is misfiring then it is highly likely that the engine will not well in a proper and smooth manner. A misfiring engine can cause the whole engine to shake and as a result, it will produce a rattle. If the engine misfiring is so severe, then it is likely that during the startup, it can shake the whole engine very badly causing it to rattle every time the owner starts his car. 

3. Loose Components

A car has many components under the hood. The components such as a heat shield or a plastic engine cover or a loose coolant water bottle can cause a rattling sound, every time the car is started. Even outside the hood, a loose body panel can also produce a rattling sound every time the car is started. 

4. Poor Build Quality

Some of the  American and Asian cars have a bad reputation for poor build quality. They do not keep their components in a tight position for a very long period of time and as a result, they start to letter here and there. This is also a major cause of that link found every time the car is started. 

How To Fix A Rattling Car Engine?

A car rattles when turning on problem is not serious and the repair is very very easy.  this can be done at home or at a mechanic shop. In the following ways, it can be repaired-

1. Replace Engine Mount

An engine mount of a car plays an important role in dampening the engine vibration, which, otherwise be sent directly to the car’s chassis. If the engine mount is not in a proper shape, then it will cause the whole engine to shake and it will produce a rattling sound every time the car engine is started. So in order to fix the problem, it is recommended that the car engine mount should be replaced. They are general wear and tear item and don’t cost much. In some German cars, replacing the engine mount can be only done by removing the whole engine. 

2. Engine Tunning

A badly tuned engine or an engine that is having misfiring issues can cause a very bad rattle and engine shake. If the engine is not properly tunned or is having some misfiring issues, then every time the car is started, it will produce rattles. Fixing these issues is not very difficult as they are general wear and tear or maintenance items. If you are mechanically inclined enough, then you can do this job on a weekend very easily. These days, the workshop manual for each and every car is freely available on the Internet and one can easily produce them to repair the car. 

3. Sound Deadening

Build quality plays an important role in the peace and comfort of the car owner. If the car poorly builds or maintained, then, it is highly likely that its component will get loose very quickly and as a result, it will produce a rattling sound. These problems can be easily fixed by dampening your car with good sound insulation. These days, many sound dampening material is freely and cheaply available in the market and you can easily dampen your car at home. The car is fully stripped and the dampening material is attached to the bare metal. This material absorbs the extra sound and gives her a rich car feeling. 

How Important It Is to Fix Car Rattling Issue?

Most of the time, the owner of the car will simply turn up the audio system and ignore the problem of car engine rattling. A key takeaway from this article is that if you hear, a rattle when your car is idling or when starting the car, then don’t ignore it. It could very well be an early warning that something is not that with your car, especially if it is a weak engine mount or a misfiring. Rattle can also be due to something simple such as loose components under the hood.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix Rattling Issue?

The issue can cost a variety of range of price to fix it. If the engine mount is bad, then it can cost between300-1000$. An engine tune-up can go up to 500$. Sound deadening will cost up to 1000$ if very expensive material is used. In case of the loose component whether under the or outside the hood, then it would not cost much to fix.


In the end, it can be concluded that the issue of car rattles when turning on is not a very serious issue but yes, it must be looked after in a timely manner as it can be an early warning of an upcoming major issue. If you still have any query then feel free to comment. 

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