Is Your Car Creaking At Low Speeds? [5 Easy Fixes]

We as car owners know there should not be any noises from the car when we drive it. When there are, it can mean there is a problem with the suspension systems of your car. It means that the car is saying that something is wrong, and it can lead to a failure if not attended to.  Putting stress and ignoring the problem will just wear the parts more and cause more rubbing or groaning sounds.

Car creaking at low speeds is not intimidating problem to deal with. Let us learn about it in detail in this article.

What Are The Causes For A Car Creaking At Low Speeds?

Sometimes, all we do in this case is use some lubrication as a good fix. But, it is just temporary and will not completely solve the problem. Here are the reasons and their solutions-

1. Power Steering Pump On Its Last Legs

A steering pump is like a hydraulic pump that runs the hydraulic system of the steering rack.  it can so happen due to the use of old oil or due to simple wear and tear,  the pump might have worn out and in that case, it will start to sound a grinding noise at a low speed. 

it simply indicates its imminent failure.

How To Fix A Bad Power Steering Pump?


The solution to this problem s simple, just pull out the old pump and replace it with a new pump. You can also buy used pumps from your local pull-a-part yard. Another option is to rebuild the pump, but it is not recommended as with the rebuild pumps, long life is not guaranteed. Sometimes replacing just the steering fluid can solve the problem too.

2. Age-Old Suspension

If your car is making creaking and clunking sounds, it means a worn-out suspension joint. The suspension of your car carries its weight and endures impacts on the road. It’s expected to wear out with time. This could point towards worn ball joints. There are a number of signs that a ball joint is damaged. 

Solutions For Suspension Problems

To get rid of this problem, you have to perform a full-suspension job on your car. It will include the replacement is struts, ball joints, and various bushings. Sometimes the bushings are fine and make noises due to cold weather. In that case, use some silicone lube to stop them from creaking. These days, you can get a complete suspension kit from the manufacturers. 

3. CV Joints On Their Last Legs

If your car is making crunching or clicking sounds, then it means that there is a problem in the CV joints of the car. The CV joints ensure a smooth power delivery;y to the wheels when you are making a turn, they are a high-stress component of the car. A bad coupling might be the reason your car is making noises when making a tight turn. Or the grease might have escaped from the rubber boots. 

Fixes For A Bad CV Shaft

In the case of a bad CV joint, you have two options. Either you can replace the whole CV shaft of the car or you can buy a rebuild kit.
You can get it rebuild by a mechanic for you can also do it yourself. Sometimes the cost of the rebuild kit and new CV shaft is almost the same and in that is it is better to go for anyone. 

4. Drive Belt System Needing Attention

The engine belts can make a screech or squeal noise. It is usually because the rubber belt runs by slipping on the metal pulley. Just like your tires spinning on the road, it can cause belt noises. The belt may be also slipping due to improper tension or because it simply has gotten old and the surface has become glazed, cracked, or brittle. This can fix the problem of car creaking at low speeds.

How To Fix A Bad Drive Belt?

Sadly there is no option for repairing a worn or damaged belt. You’ll need to replace the belt rather than attempt to repair it. It is recommended that you take the help of a mechanic if you are not familiar with the mechanics of your car. Use a good quality belt when replacing. A bad quality belt will become a cause of headaches in the future. 

5. Lose Components Of The Car

It can so happen that sometimes, the problem is not with the mechanics of your car. Sometimes, a simple loose component of the car can cause it to make noises when driving. It can be some body panel or a loose heat shield or some rubber mount of the car which has gone bad due to age. Engine mounts can also fail and lead to vibrations in the car.

Solutions For Rattling Car Body

The solution is a very simple one. Just have a look in and around your car and see for something out of place. You can get your car inspected by a local mechanic on a lift to determine the source of the sound. You can do it yourself since it mostly involves tightening loose components of the car.

How Serious Are Sounds From The Suspension?

A car creaking at low speeds can indicate a potentially serious issue with the car. generally, the suspension is worn out and it can lead to many sounds at a low speed. If the sound has just started, then you can delay your repair, but if you have been hearing sounds for quite a while, then you should get your suspension checked soon. A bad suspension can cause fatal damages. 

How Much Will It Cost To Fix Creaking Sounds?

If the reason for the creaking sound is the suspension system of the car, then getting it to rebuild can cost between 1000$-1500$. A bad drive belt can be replaced for 100-200$ depending on which components are replaced in-between. CV shaft service can cost between 500-1000$. Other miscellaneous stuff can be fixed for under 100$.


If you are hearing Car creaking at low speeds, then it is not a big trouble, provided that you take timely action to resolve the issues. Since car suspension is involved, you should get it on your priority list in order to stop further damage to the car. if you still have any questions, then comment down below. 

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